The Carvir Group is committed to ensuring that our Candidates have the information and resources necessary for a successful job search. You will find career and job search resources including articles, books, groups and associations, and websites in this section.



•    Tools For Organizing Your Job Search

•    Getting Started On LinkedIn

•    Job Hunter Face Online Challenges by Russell Grantham for  AJC
•    Learn from others, avoid these mistakes, Amy Lindgren


•    US Dept. of Labor

•    GA Dept. of Labor

•    One Stop Career Centers

•    Explore Occupations

•    Online resume builder

•    Career Builder


•    Job site aggregator

•    Pay to play job service; formerly only $100k+ jobs

•    Government jobs

•    Technology job board

•    Social Networking and micro blogging service

•    Professional networking social media


•    Resume Magic by Susan Britton Whitcomb

•    Seven Days to Online Networking by Sautter & Crompton

•    Hiring the Best by Martin Yate

•    Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0 by Conrad Levinson

•    What Color is Your Parachute by Dick Bolles

•    Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferazzi

•    The Heart and Art of NetWeaving by Robert S. Littell