Recruiting Process

Our executive search process is thorough and in depth to ensure that we are successfully meeting the needs and requirements of our clients.

Client Assessment

•    Develop a comprehensive job profile with the client that includes the expectations for the candidate.
•    Create a profile of the ideal candidate including background, experience and cultural fit.
•    Consult with clients on specific compensation and options.
•    Perform market research to include client’s competitors and determine additional companies that employ
     candidates with desirable skill sets.


Candidate Search

•    Compile list of target candidates and review list with client.
•    Conduct telephone interviews with potential candidates to determine if
      their experience and skills meet client expectations.
•    Schedule face-to face interviews with qualified candidates to further ensure excellent client fit.
•    Provide a list of qualified candidates to client with supporting documentation and discuss initial candidate interviews.


Interviewing Process

•    Prepare client and candidates for initial interview.
•    Coordinate initial interview appointment between client and candidates.
•    Debrief client and candidates for fit and interest.
•    Notify any candidates the client does not wish to pursue.
•    Arrange second interviews and discuss concerns or next steps with client and candidates.


Placement and Follow Up

•    Facilitate discussion of compensation package between client and candidate.
•    Present verbal offer to candidate and deliver formal acceptance of offer to client.
•    Ensure all HR documentation and processes are completed.
•    Confirm start date, receipt of formal written offer and written acceptance.
•    Maintain contact with candidate and client through start date and initial phases of employment.
•    Verify with client that placement was completed successfully and confirm client satisfaction.